It is often said that if you can align all of the people in an organisation with a common shared vision underpinned by a performance culture, you can climb any obstacle, beat any competitor and achieve any goal. I rate Jenny Postlethwaite from Reach Coaching as one of the very few people I have met who can lift an organisation and its people to see this vision as a light on the hill. Jenny has worked at Hunter Water as business analyst, change management leader, trainer and management coach. Her advice is always practical, insightful, thought provoking and above all focused on Corporate achievement and personal leadership development. I rate her as one of the most inspirational and influential people I have ever met and our business is all the better for our paths crossing.
Kevin Young – Managing Director, Hunter Water Corporation

I've been deeply impressed with Jenny's ability to make me question my thinking, and help me discover new approaches to handling the challenges I face as a manager and a leader.
Professor Trevor Day - Head, School of Biomedical Sciences & Pharmacy, Faculty of Health, University of Newcastle

My early reservations around coaching were quickly abandoned as my conversations with Jenny continued. The opportunity to discuss work related concerns and strategies with a neutral outsider was invaluable to me. Jenny encouraged me to think outside of the square and what a revelation that proved to be. Thanks for "pushing" me out of my comfort zone.
Morna Tasker – Team Leader, The Smith Family

Jenny’s approach to coaching involves courage and the development of a positive but challenging relationship with the individual undergoing coaching. This can have great benefits for the individual and the organisation in allowing the person to capitalise on individual strengths whilst improving individual weaknesses in a supportive environment.
Julie Thomas – HR Manager, Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group

This has been a most thought provoking program. In just a few short months, I have been equipped with new skills to be a more effective leader. I have gained a deeper personal insight and understanding of my own abilities and how to use this knowledge to lift the performance of myself and others. I thoroughly recommend leadership coaching for improved corporate performance.
Stephen Phillips - General Manager, Customers & Commercial Development, Hunter Water Corporation

I found the coaching process useful and was interested to see how the journey moved between personal development and self discovery to a professional application and understanding of how to practically apply this learning in the workplace.
Angela Samuels – Manager UNISS, University of Newcastle

I found coaching a thought provoking and challenging activity. It caused me to consider my personal history and traits that dictated how I thought and behaved. It was a refreshing and influential process. Most of all I enjoyed the ability to talk openly and honestly without fear or prejudice with someone who was genuinely interested.
Mat Thomas – ITC Manager, Hunter Water Corporation

GST Implementation in Telstra was an $85m project involving over 2000 full and part-time staff. Jenny's key responsibility was to deliver ACCC approval of product pricing after the elimination of Sales Tax and the inclusion of GST. The Telstra/ACCC relationship at the time was fraught with conflict and devoid of trust on both sides. It was fascinating to watch her patient building of a bridge, the development of a consultative relationship on GST issues and the growth of mutual trust and confidence which ultimately delivered the outcome needed. It was a crucial achievement to the overall success of the project and one which both delighted and taught me a lot about managing in conflict situations.
Bob Garland – Project Director, GST Implementation, Telstra

Through Jenny’s coaching I have learned to look at the challenges I face as a manager and leader from a number of different angles. Jenny helps you to distil an issue or challenge down to its essence and in doing this helps you to see the bigger picture. She asks thought provoking questions that challenge the way you may be thinking and helps you to understand how you can influence the outcome. Then she empowers you with tools to help you achieve what you want to achieve. Jenny’s coaching has definitely helped me grow as a leader and I have learnt a lot about myself as a person as well.
Peter Vernon ICT Business Systems Operations Manager, Hunter Water Corporation

I wanted to make some significant changes in my leadership style and for some time I did struggle. Jenny was extremely supportive during this process, providing encouragement and suggestions to ensure that I succeeded in implementing these changes. With Jenny's support I have become more self aware of my leadership style and I have been able to work towards becoming the leader that I want to be. She has challenged my thinking every step of the way which has enabled me to focus more effectively on my development areas.
Janine Cullen – Team Leader Customer Billing, Energy Australia

The experience was positive and has helped me focus particularly on the outcomes that I strive to achieve. It has also provided me with some additional tools to help in me the leadership of my team. I really appreciated the no nonsense approach to the sessions and the ability to continue digging to find the root of problems. Coupled with this was a tangible framework for addressing the problems. I would have no qualms in recommending Jenny. I strongly believe that she can help anyone towards positive change if they have the will and commitment to follow through on the plan.
Tony Temelkovski – Plant Manager, Western Aluminium

... you did a great job at making culture aspirations clear, understandable and applicable to how we do things. Everyone who attended the sessions came away with a sense of what they were trying to achieve and some of the blocks we may have had, even unconsciously, to changing behaviour. You had great insight into how these concepts could be applied to many different aspects of the business and the impacts that they can have are far-reaching.
Workshop Participant