Coaches need support and development too!

We provide professional supervision and training for coaches at all levels of experience.

Coaching Supervision

Jenny has been providing supervision to other coaches for several years and is engaged in regular supervision for her own coaching practice.

“Coaching Supervision is a structured process that helps us examine our experiences in order to formulate how to address them. It is a safe, mutually respectful place to reflect, learn, experiment, and celebrate successes throughout the entirety of our professional journey as coaches. When we consciously pursue development, in awareness and in refinement of how we work and who we are, the client, the organization, the profession, and most especially, we coaches benefit!”
— Pat Marum, PCC, Certified Coach Supervisor & ICF Assessor

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Coach Training

As a competent coach, reasonably effective with a range of clients, are you finding that your frameworks and approaches work, but do not always generate the level of engagement and enthusiasm you would like? What if you could generate more freshness and life in your coaching sessions? What if you could work more directly with what is presented the here and now? 

Visit the Action Methods in Coaching website for further details.


Jenny's paper From Lone Wolf To Bridge Builder provides a case study based illustration for coaches interested in understanding how Action Methods can be applied in practice in a coaching environment. Further case study references are also available on the Action Methods in Coaching website.

Read Jenny's Coach Link article about the use of Action Methods in coaching.